Universidade de Vigo
Laboratorio de Medidas Radioeléctricas

Measurement enviroments

Anechoic chamber

  • Dimensions: 7m x 9m x 7 m (L x W x H).
  • Roll over azimuth positioner, ORBIT (Orbit AL-4273-1) (Orbit AL-560-1P).
  • Roll positioner (Orbit AL-360-1)
  • Antenna measurements: 500MHz – 50 GHz
  • EMC Testing: 30MHz – 3 GHz

EMC Testing Area

In our facilities we have a place especially prepared for performance of certain EMC tests (conducted emissions and immunity).


Our team has a GTEM cell that allows testing the EMC immunity and radiated emissions.

Mobile Unit

The laboratory is equipped with a mobile unit that allows field measurements in both static and motion (for analysis of coverage, signal quality, interference, etc ...). This mobile unit is equipped with a telescopic mast of 12.70 m height that allows 360° azimuth sweeps and two workstations inside with AC 220 V power outlet.

On site

On those occasions that require it, our people could move with the right equipment to provide our services wherever needed.