Universidade de Vigo
Grupo de Antenas y Radar

Grupo de Antenas, Radar y Comunicaciones Ópticas

Somos un grupo de investigación líder en el área de electromagnetismo. Nuestras líneas de investigación incluyen diseño y medida de antenas, electromagnetismo computacional, EMC, radar, aplicaciones de ondas milimétricas, electro-óptica y tecnología cuántica de la información.

Research papers


"Quantum key distribution with flawed and leaky sources". M. Pereira, M. Curty, K. Tamaki, preprint arXiv:1902.02126, submitted to npj Quantum Information (2019)

"Foiling covert channels and malicious classical post-processing units in quantum key distribution". M. Curty, H.-K. Lo, npj Quantum Information 5, 14 (2019)

"Practical decoy-state method for twin-field quantum key distribution". F. Grasselli, M. Curty, submitted to New Journal of Physics (2019)

"Quantum key distribution with setting-choice-independently correlated light sources". A. Mizutani, G. Kato, K. Azuma, M. Curty, R. Ikuta, T. Yamamoto, N. Imoto, H.-K. Lo, K. Tamaki, npj Quantum Information 5, 8 (2019)

"AOCS Requirements and Practical Limitations for High Speed Communications on Small Satellites". Fernando Aguado Agelet, Andrés Villa, Marcos Arias Acuña, Francisco J. Díaz Otero, accepted for publication, International Journal of Aerospace Engineering number “Cubesats and Small Satellites”. ISSN: 1687-5966. (2018)

"Security proof for a simplified BB84-like QKD protocol". D. Rusca, A. Boaron, M. Curty, A. Martin, H. Zbinden, Physical Review A 98, 052336 (2018)

"Secure quantum communication in the presence of phase and polarization dependent loss". C. Li, M. Curty, F. Xu, O. Bedroya, H.-K. Lo, Physical Review A 98, 042324 (2018)

"Analysis of multichannel optical soliton collisions with asymmetric energy in strongly dispersion managed transmission networks considering higher order effects". O. Guillan Lorenzo, L. Pedrosa RodrÍguez, P. Vilar Gómez, F. J. Díaz Otero, Optical and Quantum Electronics, vol. 50, nº 381, pp. 1-12, https://doi.org/10.1007/s11082-018-1650-6 ISSN: 0306-8919. (2018)

“Design, development and testing of a helical resonator for trapping Sr+ ions for frequency standards and sensing applications”. Laura Pedrosa Rodríguez, D. A. Outerelo, Rafael Gomez Alcala, Fernando I. de Vicente, Francisco J. Díaz Otero, Measurement, Volume 125, Pages 156-162, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.measurement.2018.04.086. ISSN 0263-2241 (2018)

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